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App to improve your skiing
right on the slope.
Your ski & board coach.
Tomass Marnics, co-founder and
methodologist of app
35+ years
of skiing
17k+ total
world-class instructor
What distinguishes a good skier from everyone
else is the freedom and elegance of movements.
  • ISIA card holder (the highest international level of ski instructor), certificate code ISIA CARD Code AK07C

  • USSA Ski Coach ID: X6762261

  • Head Instructor at Ski Cool St.Moritz in Switzerland 2009 - 2020

  • UPS Diploma

  • Professional athlete of the Adidas Sickline team from 2008-2018

  • Founder of Two Blades ski club
What distinguishes a good skier from everyone else is the freedom and elegance of movements.
Tomass Marnics, co-founder and
methodologist of app
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We have courses for all levels of skiing, and we will help you to progress from beginner to a real snow ripper.
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Each training exercise is part of our unique result-oriented training program and is super-easy to understand and try on the slope.
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Upload videos of your exercises to get personal tips and progress to the next level.
Here you can read reviews of people who have passed ski courses by Tomass Marnics.
Daniel Mason
I want to share my impressions of the technical course that Tomass Marnics gave in Stubai this spring.

Everything has changed! My view on skiing, on training, on technique. Tomass is not an inventor, and what he told us may not be news at all.

I just want to say a huge thank you to him for the fact that he does not stop there, strives for excellence and new knowledge. And most importantly, for the fact that he is ready to share this knowledge!

Thank you for teaching me how to ski!

Guys, pressure, and angulation are not what we thought it was!
Mollie James
Financial advisor
Austria Stubai, April, Eastern, and my reflections...

Thank you Tomass Marnics for your technical course. You have let us step out of our comfort zone and changed our thinking, perception, and focus. You have guided and inspired us to see things from different angles and you have succeeded: we have changed the way of thinking and the style of skiing.

All those exercises, hints, and tips. Your course was great and you did an excellent job!
Adrian Webster
The unsurpassed Alps, great company, gorgeous weather, and a very steep ski course turned the week into a fairy tale! Hot-mix possible! And all these thanks to Tomass Marnics.

Thank you for teaching me to see skiing in a new way, to feel them in a new way, and to ski in a new way, for turning the skiing world upside down.

For a long time, I have not experienced such lightness, freedom, admiration, and euphoria from skiing. Thanks!
William Bell
Business analyst
An amazing 7-day training course and new sensations in a friendly responsive team!

Tomass deeply understands the details and subtleties of skiing, works with the root cause of the movement and rotation of the ski. Skillfully selected exercises based on feelings in the moment lead to the unexpected as a result, the skis begin to roll along the desired trajectory without strain and effort! Skiing turns into an exciting process of controlled movement, a feeling of lightness and pleasure!

Tomass shows how with minimal actions you can get the maximum effect from skiing! His natural body position, very relaxed, but controlled skiing even at high speeds inspires learning and cognition of such techniques.

Such a view of skiing will simply turn the standard idea of downhill skiing.

Thank you, Tomass, for following your idea, implementing it!
Ryan Garrett
Sales Manager
I have completed this technical course for the second time and I am ready to come as many times as necessary, because there is a lot of information and very necessary and useful.

It is pleasantly surprising that the courses were attended by people with a fairly high level of skiing, and yet they also took a lot of new things for themselves, which once again proves that it works, and even how!

With each new day you feel more at ease and confident on the slope, you begin to love skiing more and more and enjoy them, and this is exactly what we go out on the slope for.

I want to once again express my great gratitude to Tomass Marnics for what he does, for putting a piece of his soul into us, for sharing what he burns with, for believing in us, for everything! You are a wonderful teacher and just a wonderful person, you are doing a great job! Thank you for that!
Coming soon on iOS and Android!
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Coming soon on iOS and Android!
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